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The first Jubilee® Clip, the item that began it all! For by far most of utilizations this durable worm drive hose cut is more than appropriate. Accessible as a mellow steel zinc secured or tempered steel clasp in both 304 (18/8) and 316 (18/10) evaluations of hardened steel; this item likewise has a band that is ceaselessly strung empowering additional adaptability while changing the clasp to the right size. The smooth inside profile of the band and moved edges give insurance for a wide range of hoses including delicate hoses produced using elastic or silicone.

All our unique Jubilee® Clips are freely tried by the British Standards Institute (BSi) and convey the British Standard Kitemark™, which is generally viewed as the most tough norm there is for a hose cut. The two evaluations of hardened steel cuts are additionally certify by Lloyds Register for marine use.

£18.93£50.14 SKU: ACETBSS/005
£8.05£23.11 SKU: ACETBZ/00X
£3.90£15.80 SKU: ACEHCZ/00X

Hose Clips

Ace® Roll & Cut

£110.44 SKU: ACEHCR/100
£10.15£25.66 SKU: ACEHCSS/005

Hose Clips

Nut Driver

£11.16 SKU: ACEHCND/100
£0.87£14.03 SKU: 9JUBILEE/130
£29.65£56.81 SKU: 9JUBILEEFB/020X
£166.63 SKU: 9JUBILEEFB/045
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