Accuride Overview Stainless Steel Slides

The characteristics that hardened steel has implies that it is a profoundly flexible material as far as the situations and applications that it can work in. Its high consumption opposition, for instance, implies that it very well may be utilised in thorough situations in which different metals and materials may endure. This can incorporate high-temperature applications, for example, providing food, modern broilers, research centers, and self cleaning stoves.

The non-permeable and high consumption safe nature of treated steel makes it profoundly sterile and simple to clean. This is the reason tempered steel is frequently found in conditions where cleanliness is significant and sullying needs to wiped out, for example, clinics, kitchens and other nourishment preparing plants. At Accuride, we have created a progression of tempered steel so as to give these focal points of hardened steel joined with high-caliber straight movement.

Our range begins with the tempered steel adaptive slide family, which comprises of the part-expansion slides DS2028 and DS2728, and the full-augmentation slides DS0330 and the DH3832. The 2028 and 2728 models share a few highlights, remembering a hold for include, 75% augmentation and a 9.5mm slide thickness. The key distinction between them is the heap rating that they can convey. The 2728 is constrained to 20kg, though the 2028 can hold up to 65kg. For applications that may require a more extended expansion or a higher burden rating, the 0330 gives 100% augmentation and has a heap rating of 65-80kg, yet at the same time keeps up the hold in include and 19.1mm slide thickness.

Further up the range, we have our determination of uncompromising tempered steel slides: the DS5321 (up to 160/180kg), the DS5322 (up to 120kg), with in any event 100% augmentation (the 5321 and 5322 models can expand 100+%).

Inside our tempered steel family, we additionally have the DS0305 and the DS3557, the two of which have front disengage and lock-out highlights. Through the spring activity, the front separate is without squeeze and makes cabinet evacuation and reinsertion simple. With load appraisals of 70kg and 90kg separately, these two slides offer an adaptable answer for your application.

While not built from Stainless Steel, we can likewise offer slides that are zinc plated, yet have an extra erosion safe covering that gives multiple times more insurance than ordinary zinc completes the process of, making it useful for harsher conditions. The 3832, which is 100% augmentation and has a heap rating of 50kg, and the DP9301 which has a heap rating up to 272kg for 10,000 cycles, both have this covering and are impervious to consumption for as long as 500 hours.

In the event that you might want to find out about our scope of hardened steel slides or might want to talk about the necessities for your application, you can get in touch with us today and one of our neighbourly specialists will be glad to support you.