Located in the Belfast Harbour Estate area, Extratec is ideally positioned for its strategic distribution, at the heart of road, rail, air and shipping links. We aim to supply quality fastenings to fulfill our clients specialized requirements

  • substantial investment in modern warehousing
  • extensive stockholding
  • professional stock control systems software
  • reliable kitting and packaging facility

Established in 1993, extratec fastening supply specialists set out to provide selected customers with a dependable fastening supply service to predetermined stores or production areas.

Directors Gerry Mcguigan and Leonard Holmes founded Extratec in 1993, having identified the need for a quality, customer-focused supplier in the fastenings industry.

‘our ethos has always been to provide our customers with a product and service worth paying for’

Today Extratec is a recognised and respected supplier of industrial fasteners in the UK and Ireland. We continue to serve our customers with the dedication and care they have come to expect from Extratec.