In order to deliver the fast efficient service and exceptional quality we have a number of industry leading partners and suppliers,



Our success is a result of 25 years of experience in the industry and by focusing on supplying our product range solely through the distributor market for blind fasteners and accompanying tools.



Accuride is a global company, with extensive resources, and we offer our clients an exceptionally broad range of knowledge and expertise in the manufacture of telescopic drawer slides.



The Emhart Teknologies brand name transitioned to STANLEY Engineered Fastening. The STANLEY name is one of the most highly recognized brand names in the world.


Weston Body Hardware

Weston Body Hardware provides ready-made answers to those difficult engineering questions which can arise in the whole area of access control, whether for vehicles or for enclosures and large units like generators, compressors and other items of capital plant.


Zero Clips

We can offer a wide range of HOSE CLIPS (Hose Clamps) and associated products, including two eared ’O’ clips.
The service we offer is first class and we feel that no other company can compete with our wide range of hose clips that we hold in stock.


HEICO-LOCK® is the wedge locking system that uses tension instead of friction to give you ultimate security against the bolt loosening effects of vibration and dynamic loads.  Heico Fasteners are a leading manufacturer of design specific precision cold formed, hot formed and turned parts.